You don’t have to pay the big bucks in order to get some valuable information these days!  Sure YouTube works great, but I find that it takes a long time to get through the junk, and when you find something it’s usually geared towards entertainment to get more subscribers rather than actually getting down to teaching!  That’s why I love webinars.  Webinars can take an hour or more and contain solid information that will help you gain skills you didn’t have when you woke up!

This is a list of the 10 webinars I recommend everyone checks out.  If you don’t find the title too compelling then check out the description below and you’ll see why I recommend everyone takes the webinar mentioned.


1 – Jim Kwik – Brain Hacks – Super Brain at Mindvalley

Everyone wants to be able to learn faster and retain more information, so check out Jim Kwik’s webinar!  I recommend you check out this one first so you can retain the information you learn from the next webinars you take.

Jim Kwik hasn’t always been smart.  He has actually had many brain injuries and teachers used to say he had a broken brain.  However, after struggling through college he began to learn how to learn.  Now he educates people all around the world how to Unlock their Superbrain!

Check Out The Webinar Here

2 – Parker Walbeck – Full-Time Filmmaking.

Do you have a phone that can take a video?  If so, why not learn how to make your footage look like a pro did it!  I would suggest picking up an Osmo Mobile 3.  It will stabilize your footage and remove any jitters you currently get when it’s just handheld or on a normal selfie stick.

A few reasons why you may want to get better footage is to be able to document your travels better, bring awareness to an issue you are passionate about, to be able to capture special moments, or even to switch your profession up.  The benefits of getting better at filmmaking are pretty much endless!

Watch The Full-Time Filmmaker Webinar Here


3 – Sean Cannell – Video Ranking Academy 2.0

Now that you have your video footage, it’s time to show it off!  Sean Cannell is half of the team at Video Influencers.  Their YouTube Channel is really good if you want to see more information, but I suggest you check out the webinar.  Why would you want to put your video on YouTube?  There are 1.8 billion users on YouTube every month.  That’s a pretty big audience that you can get your content in front of.

If you are not wanting the world to see it then you can also keep it unlisted, but you can see it or you can share a link with friends and family.  It’s a free solution for video storage that’s far better than Facebook or a paid option.

Check Out The Webinar Here



4 – Vishen Lakiani – How to Bend Reality and Make the Impossible, Possible

This is an incredible life changing webinar that you need to watch.  It will teach you some amazing tricks to get your mind in the right place so you can shape your future how ever you would like.  This guy has done some amazing things in his life.  He also interviews some incredible speakers, so you know that this guy is filled with knowledge that is hard to imagine.

If you want to change the world for the positive then this course can’t be missed.

Check Out The Webinar Here


5 – Eric Edmeades – WildFit


Do you want to get in the best shape of your life?  If so, I suggest you start with WildFit.  I used methods taught in this masterclass and the book Food Pharmacy to remedy a lot of health concerns I previously had.  Eric is a great teacher with some amazing experiences.  He actually climbs Mount Kilimanjaro while fasting!  Crazy eh!


Check Out The Webinar Here

6 – Ben Greenfield – Longevity – by Mindvalley

Since we’re already talking about health, let’s do one more!  Ben Greenfield has some amazing knowledge that will greatly enhance your life.    Ben Greenfield has trained NHL and the NFL, to top CEO’s and endurance competitors.  This guy knows what he’s talking about!  I subscribe to his podcast as well because he shares some pretty great information and is pretty funny.

Check Out The Webinar Here

7 – Chandler Bolt – Self-Publishing School.

By this point you have learned a lot!  So why not turn that knowledge and your life experiences into a book for all to see!  Chandler Bold teaches some amazing methods for writing and self-publishing a book!  Things have changed and thanks to Amazon we all have the ability to publish our own books with ease and have our story heard at a global level with minimal costs.

Check Out The Webinar Here




Information is now at our fingertips, so make sure you keep learning!  These webinars will help you in every aspect of your life no matter who you are, so gain the skills to enhance your style of living and others around the world.