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We all know that we should eat healthier, but the money required and the impulse buys of ice cream and sweets has detoured us from being able to.   What if I told you that you could harvest your own organic produce and fish for a fraction of what you’re currently spending on groceries.

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about health and why I’ve been having some of the issues I’ve been having.  Throughout my life I have been extremely into weight lifting and overall fitness, however, I have been prone to getting sick frequently, chest pains, acid indigestion, cysts, and anxiety attacks.   Then 6 months ago I picked up the book “Food Pharmacy”.  It taught about inflammation and by the end of the book I was never going to miss a Turmeric shot in the morning.  The chest pains started vanishing and my first frustrating system seems to be gone without the need of Ibuprofen that the doctors recommend.  I then picked up the book “The Obesity Code” which talks about the diebetes health crisis we’re facing that increases your chances of pretty much all diseases.  That made me realize it was time to make a drastic change in my diet.

Welcome to Aquaponics

If you haven’t learned about Aquaponics before then be prepared to be blown aways.  Did you know that fish produce most of the nutrients we need for plants?  Through aquaponics you combine Aquaculture and Hydroponics, but remove the chemicals and high costs of water associated with these.

Aquaponics is a really simple gardening method to grow fish and produce.  Water starts in your fish tank -> the fish produce waste that is beneficial for your plants -> send water to your plants -> water is filtered by your plants and clean water is sent back to your fish tank.   The only thing you add to the system is fish food, which can be produced by the system! Easy, right?


The Aquaponics Design Course

Unfortunately, I found it really hard to find decent information on the complete process of setting up the system on YouTube, so I began the search for a book or course.  I read about 10 books, but I felt I needed to really see the entire process.  I then grabbed a couple cheap Udemy courses which were really dry and didn’t show everything!  Then, I finally came across The Aquaponics Design Course by Murray Hallam!


Who is Murray Hallam?

This guy is awesome!  A great teacher and someone who has combined 2 of his recent skills, farming and fibreglass boat production, to get into aquaponics full on!  He has over 10 years of practical experience behind him.  He has travelled all over the world learning and teaching how different aquaponics systems work.  Thankfully he has now come online to teach us how to do it from anywhere in the world.


About This Course

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started in aquaponics and growing your own food!  From small systems to feed a family of 4 to commercial operations, he teaches it all!  Plus, he currently includes a fibreglass course so you can learn how to make your own fish tanks and produce beds!

Check out more about the course here

Check out The Aquaponics Design Course Here


In Summary

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could grow everything you eat right at home?  No need to go to the grocery store, no need to pay for anything but seeds and maybe fish food, no need to look at food labels in order to stay healthy, and the list goes on.

The reason why I’ve been lacking with posts on this page lately is because I have gone all in to the aquaponics seen lately.  We have plans to feed the homeless and educate them on the systems, setting up systems in third world countries and for families that are struggling, providing cooking classes so you can learn how to make anything out of your garden, carpentry classes so you can create your own system from an at home aquarium, and so much more.  After you take the course feel free to contact us if you want to join the team!  We’re looking for people world wide who want to be part of something big!