Owning a business can get overwhelming at times, but thanks to the advancements of technology we can now harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to put many of the everyday business tasks on autopilot!  Here are the top apps that I use to automate my businesses.

Bookkeeping – Save 2-30+ Hours/month


You want to make sure your books are in order and that’s why I suggest checking out BotKeeper.  They have a free plan if your business is doing under 20 transactions/month so make sure you get on this right away before your business keeps growing.

BotKeeper uses human-assisted AI to streamline your bookkeeping.  They’ll spend the first few weeks getting to understand your business. They will then move any existing bookkeeping processes over to Botkeeper, fine-tune procedures, and finish any agreed-upon cleanup. Botkeeper works with the software and systems you already know and trust.  Botkeeper reconciles your accounts, categorizes your transactions, and provides reporting.



Outbound Sales – Save 100+ hours/month

Back in the day, you would have to hire a sales team to accomplish what you can achieve with these websites.  Make sure you have your accounting in order from above and let’s start bringing in the sales!

FindThatLead – Find Leads to Pitch Your Product To

A big part of finding potential customers is tracking down email addresses for the people we need to talk to.  Thanks to FindThatLead this process has become hassle-free.   FindThatLead has a tool that is called “Prospector”.  Prospector will track down thousands of email addresses for potential leads with the targeted criteria you provide.   All you have to do is fill in the location you want to search, job titles, company size, industry, keywords, or even specific company names.  Click “Generate List” and let the program work its magic.  You can then sort through the email addresses and click export or just export them all.   You now have a CSV file with potentially thousands of potential customers.  The cost is currently $50/month and includes up to 5,000 searches/month.  This is seriously insane!



LemList – Send Cold Emails

Now that you have your CSV email list it’s time to send some emails!  To do this we’re going to turn to LemList.  With LemList you can import your CSV file and start sending emails.  LemList allows you to create A/B test emails so you can narrow down what works.  Having trouble thinking of what it should say?  They provide free email templates if you need a hand!  You can even set up follow up emails, customize your emails with custom variables (example. first name, business name, etc), set schedules so it only sends emails during specific times and days, send as many or as few emails per day as you want, sends emails from your set email address, stats, and so much more.

I suggest starting with 25 emails a day.  I tend to spend about 30 minutes at the beginning of the month gathering the email addresses with FindThatLead and importing them and setting up the campaign with LemList.  After that LemList will send emails throughout the month.   I can usually sell about 5-10 $1000 websites per month when I use this method.




Social Media Marketing – Save 100+ hours/month

SocialBee – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google

Searching for good content to post on social media and being consistent can be really tough.  To keep up with demand and actually grow your account would require a social media marketing team.  Not anymore.  Meet SocialBee.  This app will connect to your social media accounts and post according to the schedule you set.  Not only that, but it will also search for RSS feeds and create posts automatically.   What this means is that if you have a blog you frequently put content on then you SocialBee will automatically put that content on your social media accounts.  You can also add posts to the “evergreen” so once you run out of postings SocialBee will just grab old posts.

You can really set this up once and not touch it again while still watching your follower count go up.  If you want to grow even more then you can check out their concierge section where you can have real people take care of content writing, content curation, social media marketing, and more.




Shopify Store – Save 100s of hours/month

Kit – Your Virtual Marketing Assistant

If you’re going to start a Shopify store then I suggest you check out Kit by Shopify.  It’s a pretty cool app that makes it seem like you’re talking to an actual assistant.  You can message Kit through SMS, facebook messenger, or Ping and Kit will message you right away with questions.   Here’s what Kit can do for you:

  • Set up Facebook dynamic ads and retarget shoppers most likely to buy
  • Build lookalike audiences to ensure the best targeting for your ads
  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads that drive sales
  • Post Facebook updates to drive customer engagement
  • Send personalized ‘thank you’ emails to generate repeat purchases
  • Create and promote discount codes to acquire and retain customers
  • Generate quick reports to provide insights on sales and marketing performance

On top of that, it’s FREE!



Oberlo – Find Products to Sell and put on autopilot

Selling products online doesn’t mean that you have to have a warehouse…. or even touch a product!  Thanks to Oberlo all you have to do is use their app to search for products you would like to sell and add them to your site.  You can then either set it up for automatic order fulfillment or manual.  Manual means you’ll have to head to oberlo, review the order, and fulfill the order.  Automatic means that as soon as an order comes in oberlo will take care of everything.

Thanks to Oberlo and Kit you can have a Shopify store that runs on autopilot.  All you have to do is set up your website, add products, and occasionally let Kit know if you would like to do any sort of marketing.    Add on any of the other apps mentioned on this page to skyrocket your sales even more!

Content Creation – Save 10-100+ hours/month

Article Writing Company

Don’t have the time to write all day?  Let the Article Writing Company help you out.   Fiverr is another option for this, but I found that only 1/5 articles actually made sense.  The team at Article Writing Company are pros.  You can choose the type of writer you get based on your budget (basic, professional, expert), you can also choose how many words you would like on the page.   If your blog is about personal experiences then don’t outsource your content and take the time to write it yourself.




Making a website

Bookmark Website Design Assistant

Bookmark has made it easier then ever to make a website if you don’t have any experience.  You answer a few questions and the app uses AI to come up with a design.  Don’t like it?  Just get it to retry until you found something you like.  You can even edit it with ease with a nicely laid out visual builder.  I still enjoy WordPress because I’ve been using it for years and years and I find it really easy to customize, but if you have never made a website with Divi before then I suggest you check this out.

You can even have an agency account with them so you can make websites for other companies.  It only takes a few minutes and I’ve been quite impressed with the designs it produces.   Sometimes I’ll build a WordPress website based off of the design that Bookmark Website Design Assistant produces.



In Summary

I hope you can see how easy it is to create an income when you embrace technology advancements.  With these tools, you have unlimited possibilities.  Let’s quickly go over a few examples of possibilities you have:

Web Design and Development

This is the go-to method I use when I want some quick cash.

-> FindThatLead to search for potential clients in a specific area.
-> I’ll then set Lemlist to email these designers.  I’ll set the limits for 25 a day, make the email as genuine as possible, I don’t set any follow-ups because I don’t want to be overly spammy, I’ll set the schedule to do it from Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm their time.
-> Emails come in and it’s time to work out a price.
-> Bookmark Website Design Assistant will make the website
-> Send the customer 3 options and they decide which one they want and they can edit the content themselves.
-> BotKeeper takes care of any bookkeeping


Selling Items Online

After you go through all these steps the only work you have to do is coming up with 10-20 blog post ideas per month… just the ideas.  You might also have to text message Kit sometimes to get it to market your products.

-> Sign up with Shopify with their free 14-day trial.  Make the website and add content within the first 2 days.
-> Find products you would like to sell from Oberlo and add them to the site
-> Set up social media accounts and link them to SocialBee
-> Add RSS feeds and evergreen to your SocialBee account
-> Come up with 20 blog post ideas and get the Article Writing Company to come up with the content.
-> Use Kit by Shopify to set up Facebook targeted posts
-> BotKeeper takes care of the bookkeeping