Let me tell you about my new favorite website….. BLUPRINT!!!  This website is the closest thing that I’ve found that is like a NetFlix of online courses.  Not only does it have carpentry, but it has photography, fitness, dance, cooking, and so many more classes.  I came here for Wood Working, but now I’m always down to learn something new!

About The Teachers

There are lots of teachers with BluPrintBluPrint vents the teachers and ensures that they have the experience and know how to teach these courses, so you’re bound to learn lots here.  So far I have taken the Table Saw Tips & Techniques by Kevin Rodel and he’s a great teacher.  Goes everything in an easy to understand way.  I’ve used the table saw for years but learned lots here.  I was a little lost with joinery, but this course helped lots.  While we’re on joinery.  I have also taken the Cabinet Case Construction course taught by Jonathan Brower.  Another great teacher and class I would recommend.  I have also taken a bunch more, but those have been my 2 favorites so far.   Remember, all the course are included for free in your subscription!  Learn how to mill lumber, make cabinetry, finishing, making cabinet doors, hand carving, making stools, shop essentials, and so much more.

Course Curriculum 

The course curriculum and layout is really good.  Each course is fairly short and can be watched in a couple hours if you just binge, but there’s a lot of knowledge packed in there and you’ll learn everything you need for that specific course.  One of my favorite things about the course curriculum is how it’s layed out to the right of the video, so you can see what you’re about to learn.  Check out the screenshot of the Cabinet Case course.


Teaching Style

I’m having trouble finding any videos of theirs on YouTube that relate to Wood Working or Carpentry, but this one is about collecting water from Plants and is pretty cool.  It’s outside so the image is a little more overexposed than usual, but you get the idea of what you can expect!



According to an article I read, BluPrint is by NBCUniversal, so that should say enough about the quality you can expect.  You can pretty much expect TV show quality for these courses!




The biggest bonus is the ability to get classes that you can own forever and look back at any time.  I signed up with the 1-year plan and got 3 classes I can look back at whenever.  I haven’t cashed in on that yet because I want to make sure I find the most complicated ones that I’ll forget easy.  I think that’s a pretty cool feature to add into a subscription service.  Imagine if you could cancel your subscription service with Netflix at the end of the year and they emailed you saying that you can choose any 3 tv series to watch anytime… even if your subscription is canceled!  I’d be pretty stoked to own Stranger things, Black Mirror, and Narcos forever!



The price is pretty straight forward and I was shocked at the price when I saw it.  Get this…. $7.99/month or $79.99 for the year!  You get unlimited access to thousands of classes and can learn a large array of topics.



Overall I would 100% recommend BluPrint for anyone looking to get into a hobby.  This blog is particularly about the Wood Working section and I can’t say enough great things about it.  They cover pretty much everything you’ll need to know and the price is a no brainer!

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