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Facebook Ads Ninja is taught by world-renowned Kevin David.   The course covers everything you need to know about Facebook ads.  You will learn about Facebook Pixels, different campaign types, and how to get clicks for almost no money!

About The Teacher

Kevin David has taken the marketing world by storm.  In his short career, he has already been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and many other magazines.  He has over 300,000 YouTube Subscribers and has even accumulated more than a million views on some of his channels.   Oh yeah, did I mention, he used to work for Facebook?

Course Curriculum 

There are over 100 videos tutorials in this course.  40 hours of strategies that are divided into 9 modules.  The Facebook Ads Ninja course covers pixel strategies, campaign types, targeting your audience, becoming a copywriting and ad expert, making money without needing a product, lowering your ad cost, Facebook funnels, Instagram marketing, and using messenger bots


Teaching Style

Kevin David get right down to business in his Facebook Ads Ninja course.  He covers every little thing you need to know and he makes it easy to understand. The one downside is that he can sound like a sleazy salesman a lot of the time.  This seems to be a common issue with ClickFunnel programs.  Check out this video that has over 1.3 million views to see his teaching style.



Most of the videos are caught on a webcam and a screen recorder.  They are high quality, but I did find that his webcam screen would get in the way of important details on the screen recording.  It’s easy enough to figure out what’s happening, but it can just be frustrating at times.




There are actually some really good bonuses included here.  Like most courses, you get access to their private Facebook group.  This group is excellent for getting input on your ads.  You also get live weekly webinar training, which is handy for learning more each week and staying motivated.



Facebook Ads Ninja is quite expensive at $997 unless you manage to find a coupon code.  I’ve noticed that if you click the link below there is a section at the bottom that says “Skip The Line and Save 50%” (As of June 2019).  In my opinion, it’s pretty well priced for the information you get out of it.  I made back my $500 within the first week!  Getting to learn off of the best does cost extra, and this guy is the best when it comes to Facebook ads.



This was one of the wisest investments I have ever made.  Facebook Ads mastery is needed in today’s day and age.  Without Facebook ads knowledge you will be falling behind your competition fast.

Click Here to Go To The Facebook Ads Ninja

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