Quick Summary

Full Time Filmmaker is taught by Parker Walbeck.  Parker has over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 15,000 students to his Full Time Filmmaker course, so he is extremely credible.   Because of this success he has even started another course called Course Creator Pro where him and his brother teach how to create your own course.   He worked with Devin Supertramp back in the day and has honed his skill better than most.

His course Full Time Filmmaker teaches you skills you need in order to start a career in filmmaking.  His teaching style is one of the best I have ever come across, as of 2020 Full Time Filmmaker has over 400 videos to teach you the skills you need, from buying a camera, using manual settings, composition rules, filming, editing, and so much more.  He even teaches you how to make money from your new skill and different paths to achieve that success.

In the last year the amount of lessons he has is constantly increasing.  He has added a couple people to the team who are incredible.  There’s a guy named Landon who specializes in motorized gimbal moves and you’ll be blown away.  Check out the video review to see one of the transition videos he made.

Teaching Style.

Parker is one of the best teachers I have come across.  He has a very data driven approach to teaching so he understands how to keep the student engages by integrating b-roll and keeping videos short enough that the student doesn’t get distracted.   I really liked that he has job shadows so they film him using his camera techniques.  I find it helpful to see how he walks and his hand positioning.   It’s a good idea to check out his teaching style on his YouTube channel or check out this one for real estate video below.  This was the videos I first saw him in and as soon as I saw he had a course I had to jump on board.

Course Curriculum

The Full Time Filmmaker course curriculum is perfectly laid out and you’ll learn everything you need to know.   I really liked the different tracks you can go on, which are all included in the full course.  The tracks he currently has are Wedding Video Pro, Seamless Video Pro for transitions, Music Video Pro, Real Estate Video Pro, Travel Video Pro, Commercial Video Pro, Action Sports Video Pro, and GoPro Video PRO.

These tracks helped me see what I felt I needed to see.  I took the Real Estate Video pro so I could trade with AirBNB hosts and Travel Video pro so I could make money while traveling.  I also did all of the core lessons that I felt I needed to do in order to get to a level I felt comfortable in.

There’s also everything you need to know from buying a camera, how to use manual settings, filming, editing in Premiere Pro, editing in Final Cut.  There is even a course on how to use After Effects now, but I haven’t taken it yet.



The big bonus is the ability to get the Adobe Creative Cloud Student discount.  This saves you $30+/month, so the way I looked at the course is that at the end of 2 years I will have paid for the course in the savings from Adobe.   When you’re a Full Time Filmmaker student you also get apple student discounts, discounts on gimbals and other gear, free luts, discounts for epidemic sound, and so much more.  You also get access to their members only Facebook group which can be very helpful for feedback.  I’m not a fan of Facebook, but used it a lot at the beginning when I was trying to learn the skill.


Would I Recommend The Course?

I would 100% recommend Full Time Filmmaker to anyone.  If you’re willing to implement the teachings you will learn a very useful skill.  My original goal was to be able to get better at filming videos for YouTube and the ability to gain a new skillset that can help market a business or bring better awareness to causes close to my heart.  However, I was also able to make money extremely fast without even trying.

Within the first 2 months I made enough that paid for the course without even trying too hard.  First, I had a trip to Australia planned so decided to turn a 4×4 rental into a commercial.  Within 2 months that video that I made for free was able to bring in over $2000 of income.  5 months later we wanted to take a weekend out of town so we stayed at a very nice resort in exchange for video footage of the resort.

If you have any questions then I highly recommend commenting on the video on YouTube as it’s the place I check the most frequently.

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