If you are struggling to make money or find a job, then this is the online course you need.  Full Time Filmmaker teaches you one of the most sought after skills in an efficient way.  If you haven’t taken his webinar yet then I definitely recommend jumping on that right away.  If you don’t have the money for a course this webinar will teach you some amazing things to up your skills in filmmaking right away


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Since I signed up with Full Time Filmmaker I have made over $30,000 in sales thanks to this course.  This is me going extremely part time.  By part time I mean probably 30 – 40 hours in total in the last year.  It feels like every single time I pick up the camera I make money.  This is funny because I am extremely picky with clients and don’t talk to anyone on the phone or in person, it’s all 100% email conversations and paypal income.  I also only go for ways that will make residual passive income meaning I want to make money while I sleep.  If I can’t then I won’t put in the effort.

The skills I have learned are beneficial to every single business I have including YouTube, online courses, real estate investing, the technology company, and more.  I can even make money on every single trip I take now.  So let’s start there.


Make Money Traveling The World!

This is my favourite!  Full Time Filmmaker has a section specifically for making travel videos!  His advice is so good in this section that you have to listen up!  You can even go for just that mini-course if you want if you click here http://bit.ly/TravelVideoPro.  One of his suggestions is to just take a video of whatever you want on your travels without the expectation of making money.  The purpose is to just get better.

However, this has resulted in income for me every single time.  I don’t ever expect anything.  I’ll just go on a tour or rent a vehicle and make the company the focal point of the video.  I may also buy a backpack or something on amazon and make a video on that.  Once I get home I’ll edit the video, put it on YouTube and let the company know that it’s there.  This has resulted in getting offers to visit the country again with all expenses paid for, getting free products, or having them go for some of the other products I have with my technology company.  This video is the first one I did and it was on a trip to Australia.  This has resulted in working with one of my favourite clients of all time and having other companies contact me to work with me.  The key here is to not expect anything.  Do things out of the kindness of your heart and experience and good things will happen.


Make Money with Real Estate Tours

This is another fun one that works for traveling or just making some big bucks.  As you may see with the video above, I’m by no means a pro.  I’m an amateur that’s better than many people, but there are a lot of people better than me and I’m still able to make money with this skill.  I don’t have the best equipment or skills.

Parker Walbeck also has a Real Estate Video Pro course that focuses on teaching you how to do real estate video tours.  You can get the mini course here or the full course includes it http://bit.ly/RealEstateVideoPro

Thanks to this course I get to stay at places around the world for free and I even get paid to make videos for them as well.   Here’s an example of one that I did.



Affiliate Income

Have a product you absolutely love?  Become an Amazon affiliate so you can make money by selling anything Amazon sells.  All you do now is make a really cool video around the product you’re using and upload it to YouTube with your affiliate link in the description.  Once this video is up there is no additional work needed.  As your viewer and subscriber count goes up you’ll see sales coming in.  This is the passive income you’re after!  Check out my DJI Osmo Mobile 3 video that is killing it with Affiliate sales!  I love the Osmo Mobile 3 so all I did here was make a video talking about how to use it and my subscriber count is going up as well as affiliate sales.  Don’t do videos just because you want to make sales, do the videos because you want to share products you love.



Have other businesses?

I have a technology company that makes website, does online marketing, and photography and videography.  As the market became saturated I started to have trouble getting website and online marketing clients, so being able to do filmmaking ads a new way of getting clients.  I may find clients who’s websites suck and I’ll go out and do a video of their product or service for fun and experience.  This gets my foot in the door to start a conversation and pitch website development ideas and potentially internet marketing.


Other Ways Of Making Money

These other ways I haven’t tried because they don’t interest me due to the work required, but judging by the Facebook group it looks like people are making a killing doing these.  He teaches how to do action sports videos, commercial videos, music videos, and wedding videos.  Of course you can use these skills to do anything.

If you want to be active then you will make a killing with this course.  Again, I love passive income because I want to make money while I sleep.  I also like figuring out if there’s ways that I can mitigate costs associated with traveling and that’s exactly what this does.  I don’t think I’ll ever go on another trip and come out with less money than I started.  Every single trip I go on now makes a profit.  IT’S INSANE!

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Other Bonuses

I never thought I would enjoy filmmaking.  I really saw this course and thought it would benefit my YouTube channel, but after taking it I began to see beauty in everything.  I was going through quite a bit of depression over the years, but this seemed to pull me out of it.  Having to look a little closer at the things you just pass by helped me see the world in a new way.

Also, the ability to film your memories is priceless.  I travelled a lot in my 20’s but all the footage sucks, but that’s not an issue anymore.  I can create some really cool videos that I can show my kids when they get older or just look back at when I’m wanting to go back to memory lane.  Imagine the other memories you could capture in a cinematic way?  Children’s first steps, playing catch, throwing the ball for you dog, funny animal moments, anything!

I love this course and it changed my life in so many ways.  I hope it can do the same for you.