Educational Grader is at it again with another course review.  This review will be for one of my favorite online courses I have ever taken, Full Time Filmmaker.  If you’re ready for a course that could change your life, dive right in!

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Brief Intro

Full-Time Filmmaker is a Filmmaking course taught by Parker Walbeck.  The course can really be useful for anyone looking to get into anything that requires filming.  This can include YouTube, Instagram Stories, Travel Videos, B-Roll, and so much more.  I actually started doing commercials for companies after getting all this knowledge, and it only took me 1 month!  Lots of testimonials talk about how much better this course was than actual film school.


About The Teacher

Parker Walbeck is someone who can speak from experience.  He has over 800,000 YouTube Subscribers, his course has 5,000+ students, and his Instagram accounts are on fire.   He has previously worked with Devon Supertramp and some huge brands.  If you’re interested in how he created such an amazing course then also be sure to check out his course on that called Course Creator Pro!

Course Curriculum 

Parker has over 150 lectures to this date.  Whether you’re a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to become a Full-Time Filmmaker. Included in the Full-Time Filmmaker course are all of his other “mini” courses including Wedding Video Pro, Premiere Pro Editing Workflow, FCPX Editing Workflow, Real Estate Video Pro, Travel Video Pro, Music Video Pro, and more coming.


Teaching Style

Parker is direct and to the point.  He makes sure that every minute is packed full of content.  Check out this real estate video of his to understand his teaching style.



All of the Full-Time Filmmaker videos are shot in full HD and with superb audio quality.   I have yet to come across a course that has quality as exceptional as this.  MasterClass may be the only other course that compares with quality, but they have a Hollywood budget that is hard to compete with.




This course has some of the best member benefits you can imagine.  My favorite is that you can get a student discount on Adobe Cloud All Apps, which saves $600/year. Members also get 60% OFF Red Giant, 10% OFF Glidecams, Crane 2’s, Westcott Lights, Rhino Sliders, and much more.  Now the ongoing support is also an amazing aspect of this course.  First of all, you get Parker as your mentor.  If you email him, he actually emails back!  Then on top of that, you get to become part of the best Facebook Group I have been a part of.  They are a supportive group that is sure to give you a helping hand if you need it.

Another bonus that I would like to personally throw-in.  As you may have guessed, I am an affiliate of this program.  (Don’t worry, I would never recommend anything I don’t think you’ll love, plus the course comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it).   If you purchase Full-Time Filmmaker at any of the links on this page then you will receive my newest course for FREE as soon as it is released in 2020 ($799 value).  In this course, I will be teaching you how to make a website for your new photography business, how to be a successful affiliate marketer so you can make money while you sleep, run successful ad campaigns, and so much more.  All you have to do is email us by Clicking Here
and attaching your receipt of purchase and we’ll get you all set up!



The price for Full-Time Filmmaker is on the high end for an online course, however, I found that it pays itself off pretty quick when you implement his teachings and the savings on the Adobe Suite means you actually save money in the long run.   In my opinion, the bonuses that you receive far outweigh the cost.  If you are a Premiere user and are on the full Adobe suite, this course will save you money.    The fee is also a one-time fee and you receive updates for life.

If this course is out of your price range then I can suggest 2 other options.  One is to sign up for his webinar and watch until the end of the video.  Sometimes he has a discount code.  You can click here to access the page to sign up.

Second option.  If you are strictly a beginner at Filmmaking then I do have another suggestion.  I have recently had the chance to review a course called Tomorrows Filmmakers and I must say that I am very impressed with what he has come up with.  The course is much cheaper at only $295 and it still comes with the adobe student discount and even an Apple student discount.  He includes everything you could ever imagine in there when it comes to filmmaking.  He covers how to film, gear to use for all different budgets, DIY projects to get stuff done cheaper, acting classes, composing cinema course, storyboarding, color grading, stop motion, the business side of things, and so much more.  It really is an impressive course with a crazy amount of lessons.  The Full-Time Filmmaker course does have slightly better quality, but he does use insanely expensive gear for everything, so if you don’t have that kind of money then I think Tomorrows Filmmakers is a better choice.   A word of caution before you do decide to go with Tomorrow’s Filmmakers because of the savings…  He does market it as a “Christian Film School”.  I don’t consider myself Christian by any means, but I can look past all the “Christian” references he has.  There were a couple of lessons that did hit a nerve, but I just skipped past them and went on to other lessons because he doesn’t really talk about it too much and he is a really good teacher.

My Story

I was blown away by the results!  I went from being a horrible filmmaker to creating this video after only one month of taking this course.  This was the first video I created and it was from a trip to Australia.  I don’t film professionally and only create videos of my travels.  You can check out some of my Iceland videos on my channel to see the results I had before taking the course.


Because of the success of this video I have managed to land many clients for my main online marketing business that I would never have gotten.  I have also had the ability to add commercials as a service for my company Web Limitless. I have managed to stay at amazing resorts for free, received free tourism packages, and got paid at the same time.  This has helped launch that business into a new level which is simply amazing!



Overall I would 100% recommend this course for anyone looking to get into YouTubing, Filmmaking, creative Instagram stories, traveling, and really looking at anything that requires video footage.  It has helped me and I’m sure it will help you too.

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