This class can’t be beaten!  Google Digital Garage is FREE, it’s taught by Google, and it has a huge curriculum.  At the end, you even get a certificate of completion.


This course covers all the basics anyone needs to know.  The curriculum covers everything from getting a business online to ensuring customers can find you, connecting with your customers, data and security, and so much more.  They even cover public speaking!   They are only a few hours long each, so they don’t go too deep into each subject, but they do hit the surface.

Teaching Style

These teachers are all really good and effective at getting the point across.  There are quizzes to ensure you know everything before you move on and there are plenty of resources.


All of the videos are in Full High Definition!  They’re all done by Google, so you know that you can expect the best.


Instructor Experience

These instructors aren’t established individuals.  They are employees for Google when it comes down to it, but because they do work for Google, they clearly know how things work.  If you’re going for the basics then this will be perfect for you.  I also suggest you take this course if you are a seasoned pro, but if you want to grow faster then I still recommend the Kevin David Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass and the Video Ranking Academy 2.0 for YouTube as well.


There really aren’t any bonuses except you get a cool certificate when you have finished the program.  It’s something that can be added to your resume.


Did I mention it’s FREE!  Yes, you can’t get any better than this.  Free and taught by Google!  They are sure trying to ensure we keep our knowledge updated.



The Google Digital Garage class is a must!  The fact that it’s free makes it so anyone can afford it.  It’s also taught by Google, so you know that everything is going to be relevant.  It teaches all the basics you’re going to know.  Once you’re finished this course then move onto some of the more advanced courses we feature on our site.  I have also found that this course is better than most Udemy courses I have taken.  The content and quality far exceeds most.


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