Covid-19 has shocked the world into a standstill.  The only thing you can count on right now is waking up to countless COVID-19 emails.

However, let’s not look at all the countless negative things we can see right now, let’s look at a few of the positives that can be achieved.

We’re going to look at the financial benefits that can be gained during and post COVID shortly, but I want to go over a few non-financial benefits that many people are seeing all around the world.   It’s best to not focus 100% of your energy on making money right now.  Our immune systems need to be in tip-top shape, so let’s avoid stress as much as possible and look at these positive changes that are currently happening or you can push towards.

Time to Relax With Your Loved Ones

Many of us are getting to spend quality time with our loved ones in a guilt-free manner.  For the first time, we are not taking time off work because we are sick or overworked, we are actually at home because it’s the right thing to do at this time.  This is the first time in a few years that I have gotten to sit down with the family and watch a movie without thinking that I should be doing something productive and feeling guilty for “wasting time”.   Now is the time to just chill out with our kids and/or spouse.

With Kids?: Play sports outside if you have a yard, play video games, learn something new together, play board games, build something together, teach them something new, learn something new from them, gardening, cooking … the list of ways to spend your time with your kids is endless.

With a Spouse?: If it’s a spouse you’re stuck with then right now is the time to bring romance back.  No, you may not be able to go out for dinner and a movie date nights right now, but isn’t that kind of lame anyway?   Now you can learn how to give real massages from YouTube videos or an online course (make sure you both do it so both can experience fewer back pains).  Other possible date ideas are themed nights (ie Italian night where you decorate with an Italian theme, make and eat pasta, then watch the Italian Job), a fondue night, board game, video games, learn something new online or from one another, make soap…. again, there are so many things to do!

Time To Learn a New Skill

Have you ever wanted to gain a new skill?  Now’s the best time to do so!  There are lots of amazing online courses that you can take.  This site is full of reviews for great ones.   Courses can lead to a new source of income, new hobbies you love to do with your free time, and it’s great for your brain health to learn something new!  You can also check out YouTube and Audiobooks for free knowledge.  I prefer courses because you tend to go more in-depth into a subject that you don’t know very well.

Grow Your Food!

Growing your food has got to be one of the most fulfilling things you can do.  Seeing something go from seed to producing edible fruit and veggies is incredible.  If you get good enough then you may be able to eat an organic diet of unlimited produce, which could save $500+/month even after covid, that’s $6000/year saved tax-free!  You can even go a step further and set up an Aquaponics system where you get to farm your fish or get some chickens for eggs.

Side note:  If you’re not familiar with my material then you can look at learning a new skill as an amazing financial benefit.  Let’s take that last example with producing your produce.  Say you spend $6000/year on produce.  You had to make $6000 for that, but we all know that you don’t just make $6,000, you make $9,000 and pay $3000 on taxes to equal $6000 (changes based on location and income).  Then for North America, you may be subject to an additional tax on your produce which could be another $600.  In the end, you may be in an area of the world where it takes making $10,000 to produce $6,000 of purchase power.   That’s 4 months of work at an average income job!  Learn 3 skills and you have a full-time job income with spare-time hobbies.   This doesn’t include your ability to sell produce you make, seedlings you grow, or seeds you save.  


Save Time In Your Normal Life

Many of us are learning the skills of ordering items online with curbside pick-up.  I have personally found that I don’t forget stuff if I choose one day every 2 weeks to make an order.  I’ll slowly add things to the shopping cart over 2 weeks, complete the order, call upon arriving in the parking, and they bring everything out.  Minimal human contact and minimal time wasted.  I am going to be using this service as long as it exists because I am saving money by avoiding impulse buys, saving gas money on repeat visits, and saving time that can be used in more valuable aspects of my life.  On top of that, you always have the receipts if you have an account (usually free), this makes it much easier at tax time so you don’t forget any expenses you made.   (Taxes and how you can save money legally is also an amazing skill to learn that can pay off financially big time)


Have to do some renovations?

Now’s the time to start knocking those renovations off the list.  Don’t go too insane if you’re limited on cash, but if you have the right tools then the extra time you have could go towards sweat equity.   In the last 2 weeks, I decided to make countertops for the kitchen for $75 when they were quoted at $2000, I also made doors and closet doors for $20 that cost $250 in stores, and made a fence and raised garden beds.


Time to Innovate!

Have you ever thought of a product that would sell like hotcakes?  It’s time to buy a 3D printer!  The Ender 3 costs about $250 and is pretty easy to set up.  It will take you a little while to learn TinkerCad to make 3D files, but once you do you will have a blast.  Make things for around the house or make visor holders for the essential service workers.   You can even make products to sell on your website or Amazon!


Let’s Talk about the Financial Benefits

Okay, okay, we have talked a fair bit about money already… it’s kind of my thing.  I could look at numbers all day!  I think you now realize how a new skill can lead to income that will essentially make you recession-proof, but now that you have a new skill, why not make money teaching it?   Selling an online course can be an excellent way to build an audience for future product pitching, create a residual income source, and let your knowledge get carried on.  A great course for learning how to make a course is Course Creator Pro by Parker Walbeck.  He teaches everything on filming your course, getting it online, building an audience, and marketing.  I really think it’s a course everyone could use.


Make Money Off Of A Hobby

Thanks to websites like Etsy, we can all make money knitting, crocheting, leatherwork, or really by any artistic skill imaginable.  Etsy sales are going up faster than ever right now, so why not pick up some knitting needles and knit the next time you’re watching a movie?


In Conclusion

So there we have it.  Don’t look at being in lockdown as such a burden.  It could actually be the best thing that could have happened if you look at it from the right angle.