We all have those days, or weeks, or months, hell… maybe even years!  Those times that you really want to be positive, but it’s just so damn hard and your mind just keeps going down a dark path.  You have great intentions, but then you look at the news and boom… you’re down in the gutters once again.  Racists bigots, global warming deniers, and Trump trolls are everywhere.  Sometimes it feels like we’re in quicksand, so how do we get out!


Time to Think of The Positives

Even though there are a lot of negatives to look at these days, especially since 2016, we have to start realizing that there are a lot of positives and we have the ability to make a difference like never before.  If you have the time and like to read I recommend reading the book “Abundance”.

Today [light] will cost less than a half a second of your working time if you are on the average wage: half a second of work for an hour of light! Had you been using a kerosene lamp in the 1880s, you would have had to work for 15 minutes to get the same amount of light.  A tallow candle in the 1800s: over six hours’ work.  And to get that much light from a sesame-oil lamp in Babylon in 1750 BC would have cost you more than fifty hours work.

That’s a bit of what you can expect from this book.  When we look a little harder we realize that our lives could be a hell of a lot worse.  Hell, I’m writing this post on a 27″ iMac with a 5k display and all the bells and whistles while listening to Spotify… none of this existed when I was a kid 15 years ago!  Life has gotten a lot better and because of these technology advancements we have the capability to change the world and have our voice heard like never before… I’ll get into that a little later on.  For now, let’s stay with the positives.

Another trick you can do is to come up with a list of 10 or more things to be grateful for.  There are times when I get into such bad panic attacks that I have to have a warm shower or go to the rec centre and visit the steam room or sauna so I can just start listing off as many things to be grateful about as possible.  It actually happened the other day.

I’m going to start you off with a few things I’m grateful for and hopefully you can find some inspiration to start making your own gratitude list in your head or on paper.  Maybe even write in the comments below what you’re grateful for:

  1. I am grateful that flights have gotten so cheap making it financially possible to see anywhere in the world
  2. I am grateful that we have devices in our pockets (cell phones) that are more powerful than what the USA president in the 60’s had access to.
  3. I am grateful that I have the ability to read articles for free or books for a very good price
  4. I am grateful that I can drive or take a bus instead of walking miles and miles
  5. I am grateful that knowledge is at our fingertips through online courses or even Google
  6. I am grateful that I have a family that cares about me
  7. I am grateful that I can write a post and have it seen by 100’s or even thousands of people around the world
  8. I am grateful that Netflix exists which removed the need to watch pointless commercials
  9. I am grateful that we can stay informed about what’s happening around the world.
  10. I am grateful that people like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates thought outside of the box
  11. I am grateful that Amazon gives us the ability to buy things online for cheaper than we would ever find it in a store, while also giving us the ability to make money at the same time!
  12. I am grateful that Elon Musk invented such a cool car that is electric, self driving, and even becoming affordable.  Still don’t have one yet, but one day I will.
  13. I am grateful that medical technology is advancing extremely fast.
  14. I am extremely grateful for all the sources of income available that don’t involve being owned by a company.
  15. I am grateful that I can turn a knob and have hot water
  16. I am grateful for bluetooth headphones that remove the need for tangled wires, plus I only paid $15 for them!
  17. I am grateful for all the home renovation tools available.  Think about how long it would take to build something if we had to cut things manually.
  18. I am grateful for courses like Mindvalley that teach us how to get into the right mindset and make a difference in the world
  19. I am grateful that I have all my limbs
  20. I am grateful for how much thinner screens have gotten.  Those rear projector TV’s were heavy and super expensive.  I remember my parents getting a 50″ Rear Projector TV for $3000 that took 4 of us to carry.  Now I have a 55″ that was $350, I can carry by myself, and it has apps built in that you can watch shows for free.

As you can see, I could go on forever!  Even if you think it’s stupid, give it a try, you may be surprised about the results in your attitude.


Take a Bit of a Break From The News

If there’s nothing you can do in your current situation then put away the news and maybe even facebook for a month and reassess your situation.  Take this time to focus on yourself!  Mental illnesses are at an all time high.  Depression and Anxiety is at an alarming rate and I rarely meet someone who isn’t suffering from something.

Take a few free courses that help your mindset and by the end of the month you will be a stronger person that can face the world and all the troubles facing it.  If you take the right courses you may even have a skillset that can make a difference in the world at a global level to combat some of the issues you’re seeing in the news.

Take this energy saved to create a business, start a new hobby, get healthier, and educate yourself.  You’ll be surprised by the results.


Focus On Your Health

You may be jacked, but what you’re doing in the gym or eating could be harming your mental state.  There was a point where people looked at me and thought that I was one of the fittest people they knew.  I was around 200 pounds and close to 10 percent body-fat at only 5′ 11″, but damn, did I ever have anger.  The anger helped me lift more, but was any of that actually good for my body or mental health?  I don’t think so!  My flexibility was very limited, I was ready to fight anyone who wanted to go, and all the meat and protein shakes were causing chest pains that were related to inflammation.  At one point I switched to a vegetarian diet and I felt healthier than ever before, but I fell off that wagon because I found it too difficult to stay away from meat.  So over the years I have created a lifestyle routine that has made me feel healthier than ever before.  This routine included limited my time at the gym and completely revamping my training routine, eating certain foods that reduced inflammation and are good for the gut bacteria, and mindfulness exercises.

Sure people like Joe Rogan will criticizes these people who don’t look as jacked as him, but really, do any of us think that Joe Rogan is happy or going to live a long life?  The guy looks like he’s going to explode at any point.  I can’t imagine him making it past 60 years old.

The routine I recommend everyone tries for a month is too long to list here and needs a separate post so check out the other article I have “Daily Routines for Optimal Physical and Mental Health”

This is not a tough routine and anyone can do it no matter what your physical level, and I can almost guarantee you’ll have some sort of new found clarity.  You’ll probably even increase your life expectancy!


See The World!

This is my go to when things get too gloomy in my home town.  I love travelling.  It opens up your perspective to different cultures, political systems, people, and well, everything!

When you travel you get to try new authentic foods, talk to people from different countries and hear their stories, you get to see amazing landscapes, and you’re bound to learn so much even from a small trip.

Not in your budget?  Think again!  I can travel almost anywhere in the world for under $500 and lots of these countries are cheaper than the one I’m currently living in.  It may even be a good idea to learn how to use a camera to get trips for free and even make money along the way.   Another option is to sublet your house while you’re gone which may result in making money on the trip.  If you’re young then I recommend getting a working holiday visa in Australia.  Australia pays extremely well, harvest work is easy to come by and a great way to save money, flights to Asia are extremely cheap, and the cost of living isn’t as high as people say (taxes are included in the price you see, and you don’t tip servers when you’re there.  They actually get pissed off if you do tip them).

Think your political system is the best or maybe you’re afraid of a change in your current political system? You may be someone who criticizes communism, but have you ever been to China or talked to people living in China (I’m not talking about Hong Kong here, Britain screwed them, Mainland China is where to go).  Maybe you’re someone who criticizes socialism.  Take a trip to Australia and you’ll see how good socialism can be.

I could go on and on about the benefits of traveling. I’m almost at 30 countries and still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough.  The knowledge I have gained from these trips are more powerful than any University Degree.  Plus, flights and train rides are a perfect time to take online courses, read books, or write.


Time to Make an Impact on The World

Follow the tips above for a month or 2 and you may be ready to actually do something about the shit that’s happening in the world.  Time to move onto the next article, “How to Make a Difference in The World”