This is one of the few 5 star reviews I’m going to give!  This course teaches every single aspect of Instagram and for proof that it works he even does updates on his account that he started with 0 and has grown to over 40,000.

About The Teacher

This class is taught by Evan Kimbrell.  He’s owned multiple businesses and some he has grown to be worth millions.  He has over 200,000 students in his courses and teaches loads of amazing classes.  Check them out here.

Course Curriculum 

This is the most comprehensive Instagram course I have ever taken.  The course is over 20 hours long and includes everything!  He teaches all the normal things I’ve seen in Instagram courses, but also multiple ways of creating stunning pictures, teaches how to make videos with professional software, the dark side of Instagram marketing, and so much more.


Teaching Style

Be sure to pay attention to this teacher.  He speaks fast and fills you up with information.  He shows every single aspect of what he is doing and explains it in a fun and humorous way.  Check out this video to see his teaching style.


Okay, this was a fun course to take!  He includes some pretty cool animation, which grabs your attention.  All of the videos are in Full HD.  He uses great methods of grabbing your attention, so that’s a huge benefit of this course.



There’s really one main bonus and that is that Evan Kimbrell will show you everything he’s doing to grow his Instagram account.  So far he has grown it from 0 to 40,000 in 4 months.



This is a Udemy course and varies in price.  Sometimes it’s only $10 and sometimes it’s more.   Overall, you can’t beat Udemy prices, but it’s rare to find a good course where the teacher walks the walk.



Overall I would 100% recommend this course for anyone!  Instagram is one of the best marketing platforms you will find.  This means that you need to grow your following now!

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