Parker Walbeck is at it again!  This is the course I wish I found 10 years ago before I became self-employed.  Its called Course Creator Pro, but it is so much more than that.  I’m a little camera shy so knew I’d have trouble actually making a course, but I was quite interested in Parkers Walbeck’s Facebook Ad approach.  I bought Full-Time Filmmaker because of an Instagram ad that brought me to a webinar and I know that’s how he’s achieved so much success with Full-Time Filmmaker.  I find that it’s best to learn from the people you’ve seen become successful.

About The Teacher

Parker Walbeck is someone who can speak from experience.  He has over 800,000 YouTube Subscribers, his course Full-Time Filmmaker has 7,000+ students and has generated millions of dollars, and his Instagram accounts are on fire.   He has previously worked with Devon Supertramp and some huge brands.

Course Curriculum 

Parker and his brother Dakota have over 60 lectures to this date.  After purchasing the course I realized that there is so much more material packed in there.  He teaches you how to start a corporation, website, social media, branding, market research, filming, editing, affiliate marketing, accepting payments, Facebook ads, and the list keeps growing.


Teaching Style

Parker is direct and to the point.  He makes sure that every minute is packed full of content.  Here’s his video talking about Course Creator Pro, but I suggest you check out some of his other videos on YouTube as well to see his teaching style.



All of the Full-Time Filmmaker videos are shot in full HD and with superb audio quality.   I have yet to come across a course that has quality as exceptional as this.  MasterClass may be the only other course that compares with quality, but they have a Hollywood budget that is hard to compete with.




This course has some of the best member benefits you can imagine.  My favorite is that you can get the student discount on Adobe Cloud All Apps which ends up saving $600/year. Members also get 50% off Full-Time Filmmaker and some other bonuses.  Now the ongoing support is also an amazing aspect of this course.  First of all, you get Parker and Dakota as your mentor.  If you email him, he actually emails back!  Then on top of that you get to become part of the best Facebook Group I have been a part of (Tied with the Full-Time Filmmaker group).  They are a supportive group that is sure to give you a helping hand if you need it.



The price is on the pricy end.  It is $997, but if you sign up for his webinar you may be able to get a huge discount and you’ll probably learn something really useful.  You can sign up for that webinar here.   In my opinion, the bonuses that you receive far outweigh the cost.  If you are a user of Premiere and are on the full Adobe suite then this course will save you money.    The fee is also a one-time fee and you receive updates for life.



Overall I would 100% recommend this course for anyone looking to get into business.  It teaches everything you need to know to be able to create a business that can scale, especially an online one.

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