This is one of my favourite methods for making a living!  Niche blogging!

Niche blogging is done by writing about something your interested in.  If you have a topic you could talk about for hours then that’s your niche.

You don’t want your articles to be on a wide topic like “Fitness” or “Make Money”, you want to narrow it down a couple times.   For instance you could have a site about knitted clothing for dogs and write an article on how to make sweaters for pugs, or have a site about Intermittent fasting and write an article on why intermittent fasting is beneficial for your metabolism.

One of my favourite sites is actually a perfect example of a niche blog.  James Clear has a website where he summarizes non-fiction books.  He also has his own articles where he writes about things he has learned over his years of reading and life experiences.   If you want an example of a near perfect blog page then I suggest checking it out in depth.  The website is clean, navigation is easy, and he has made full use of income streams while donating partial proceeds to a great cause!

How Do You Make Money From A Niche Site?

The great thing about niche sites is that it opens up lots of opportunities to make income streams.

Affiliate Income

Do you recommend products in your articles?  Why not become an affiliate?  As an affiliate you’ll make a commission off of each sale you make.  Let’s take your post on making sweaters for pugs as an example.  You may mention knitting needles you use, yarn you recommend, an online course by bluprint that teaches people how to knit visually, or even finished sweaters for pugs if they give up.  There are lots of affiliate programs you can sign up for.  You can do a simple Google search by adding affiliate to the end of the company your searching for.  One of the biggest affiliate programs in the world is Amazon Associates for Amazon products.  As you know, lots of people shop on Amazon, so why not mention some of the products they sell.  I love Amazon because it’s a quick application process, they carry almost anything including books, links are easy to generate, and they’re easy to deal with if you ever need to.

One company I have to say to stay away from is  They are a huge affiliate company with a lot of merchants, which may be tempting, but they are horrible.  Lots of affiliates, including myself, report companies removing you as an affiliate once you’re getting close to the thresh hold needed to get paid.  It’s no surprise I suppose, most of these companies are companies that also advertise on Fox News.  Can’t expect much off of those sorts of people.

Some companies I do recommend include:

Clickbank – a huge amount of digital products.

Amazon Associates – Recommend anything from Amazon

ShareASale – A large selection of big name merchants.  Easy application process and I’ve been impressed with the customer service.



Sell Ad Space

If you get lots of views on your site then think about selling ad space.  My personal favourite is Google Adsense because they always pay you.  I’ve had lots of trouble in the past with actually getting paid by some of the companies that do ad space.  How this works is you’ll stick a line of code on your website and then customers will see ads that relate to them.  When someone clicks on the ad you get paid.  At one point I was making between $10,000-$15,000/month by Google Adsense.  However, make sure you check your emails and accept any updated terms and conditions they send you because if you don’t they may deactivate your ads… I missed an email because I stopped using the email address and the income stream was gone.  They did send numerous emails so it was my fault and not theirs by any means.


Sell Digital Products

Have something digital you think you could sell?  Ebooks?  Knitting Patterns? Sewing Patterns? Online Courses? Business Card Layouts? Website Layouts?  The list is endless!

Thankfully there’s a lot of things you could do on your website to make the selling process automatic.  Customers make an order and then they either get the digital product emailed to them or they will receive a link to download the product or view it on the back end of your website.


Think about Merchandise

There’s a site called Printful which has a plugin for your wordpress site.  This site gives you the ability to sell clothing, accessories, hats, mugs, pillows, stickers, and so much more.  You can then add whatever graphics you would like to the products.  Printful will then connect to your site and ship products directly to your customers so you don’t have to do anything!


The Secret Weapon

Now this one is a game changer for niche blogging.  There is a website called WPMU Dev that has some amazing premium plugins that will make your life so much easier.

Smart Crawl

This plugin takes care of all your search engine optimization (SEO) needs.  Once you install the plugin you will have the option to edit your meta information on individual pages like Yoast already does, but there are some other huge features.

In the “Advanced Tools” section you will find “Automatic Linking”.  How this works is you put in a keyword and then the link you would like the plugin to automatically make when it sees the keyword.  This makes it so I can say things like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and I don’t have to insert a hyperlink manually, it just automatically does it.  So what this means is that if you have a product you talk about often, you can auto link the affiliate url.

The next cool feature is in the SiteMap section.  You can go to settings and you’ll see a section that will auto-notify search engines.  This makes it so you don’t have to manually resubmit your sitemap or wait for search engines to crawl it.  This plugin will automatically do that for you!


Site Performance

In order to rank well on search engines, you’re going to want to make sure your site performs well.  To do this there are a few plugins you’ll want to install by WPMU Dev.  One is Smush Pro.  This plugin will minimize the file size of your images and even add something called lazy load.  The next plugin is Hummingbird Pro.  This one will tell you what needs to be done to make your site load faster.  I’ve found these 2 plugins to be the best to do this.

Security wise you’ll want to download Defender.  It’s a premium plugin that will ensure your website is secure and reduce the chances of hackers getting in.  This has been a huge issue since 2015.  I find that people constantly try to break into sites these days and this is a great way to stop it.

The final plugin I recommend by WPMU Dev is Snapshot.  This plugin creates backups of your website just incase anything happens.  Make sure you don’t miss this one.



Like pretty much everything, consistency is key.   I usually recommend writing a minimum of one blog post per week.  The more the better.  Think about it this way.  If after a year you only write 12 blog posts, you only have 12 pages that Google can index.  If you write one a week you’ll have 52 pages.  If you write one a day, you’ll have 365 blog posts that search engines can index!  If you have a creative mind and you’re passionate about what you do or your hobby then I’m sure you can create a never ending supply of articles.


In Summary

If you like writing and you have something to share then think about Niche Blogging.  The costs are minimal and it can potentially create a decent stream of revenue if you stay consistent and motivated.  Now it’s time to start writing!