Can it get any better than this?  Peter Mckinnon teaches you how to use the advanced features of your camera in the Canon Coach course.

About The Teacher

If you’re not familiar with Peter Mckinnon then you have to jump on YouTube.  This guy has almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube and the majority of them have been gained in less than a year!  He has taken the YouTube world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down.

Course Curriculum 

This is a real basic course, but entertaining.  You won’t get into editing or anything advanced.  You will strictly get to learn how to use the manual features of your camera.  Even if you think you know everything, you can still probably learn a thing or two from Peter Mckinnon


Teaching Style

Peter Mckinnon is one of the most entertaining people you will come across.  He was originally a magician so has amazing stage presence.  I’ve been waiting for the moment he comes out with filmmaking, youtube, vlogging, or professional editing online course, but this one will have to do for now.  If you’re not familiar with his teaching style then check out this video.  It has 1.5 million views, but some of his videos have more than 4 million views!



It’s put on by Canon, so you can only expect the best.  4k footage and perfect lighting with every shot.  You can’t ask for better quality than this!



It’s a free course that doesn’t come with any bonuses unfortunately



Did I forget to mention that it’s FREE!  Yes, that’s right, a course taught by Peter Mckinnon for FREE.  It may not be super advanced, but it will get you the basics in Photography if you are not too sure how to use your manual settings.  If you’re looking for something more advanced then I recommend The Full-Time Filmmaking Course.   



If you are new to photography then this is a great course to take.  It’s free and has the entertainment factor that Peter Mckinnon gives!

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