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Video Ranking Academy 2.0 is an online course taught by Sean Cannell.  There are 2,400 members in the Video Ranking Academy facebook page and it is considered the best online course if you’re wanting to become the next YouTube sensation.

About The Teacher

Sean Cannell is a very established YouTube professional.  He has been in the industry since YouTube first began.  Him and Benji Travis make up the Video Influencers team on YouTube that currently over 520,000 subscribers!  He also hosts ThinkMedia which has over 850,000 subscribers.  This guy knows what he’s talking about!

Course Curriculum 

There are 45 videos in total and he occasionally puts out more material.  The videos are broken up into 7 modules.  Reverse engineer your youtube success, research, record, release your video, rank your video, getting rapid revenue, and repeat and rocket to success.

The course practically covers everything you need to know when starting a YouTube career.


Teaching Style

Sean gets right down to quality content.  This is one of the biggest things that sets the cheap Udemy courses apart from these higher ticket priced courses.  You don’t feel like you wasted any time when you watch any of these videos.  There’s no chance you can multitask because you’re constantly thrown more and more information to help your YouTube growth.  Here’s his video on making thumbnails which generated over 1.5million views.




All of the Video Ranking Academy 2.0 courses are in full HD.  Since Sean has a tech channel, he is pretty good with the camera and making sure that everything looks crisp.




There are 2 major bonuses offered with the course in my opinion.  One is that you get access to the Video Ranking Academy 2.0 facebook group where Sean will answer questions and continue to provide members-only content.  Then there’s the major and most beneficial bonus… 2 group coaching calls with Sean and the team!  This is great if you’re trying to figure out your niche or have any questions at all.



The course is decently priced, but I’m not a fan of how he has it structured.   He gives you an option to pay 6 payments of $97, however, it comes across as a little hidden and kind of looks like it’s only $97.  Or you can buy it outright for $497.  He does have a great webinar where you’ll get loads of information.



Overall I would 100% recommend this course for anyone looking to get into YouTube or figure out a new marketing source.  YouTube is powerful and we should all be investing in knowledge on the platform.

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