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The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio is a course taught by Brenden Bytheway – a.k.a. That Audio Guy, Brendo, and Bytheway-May. The course is useful for anyone looking to achieve Hollywood-level audio quality in videos. And, equally as useful to those that are a one-man team. Brenden Bytheway provides you the tools and information that you need to ensure you achieve top-notch audio in your productions.

About the Teacher:

Brenden Bytheway is a multi-talented songwriter, producer, mixer, engineer, a husband and father of two wonderful boys. Brenden has worked with some of the worlds renowned companies such as Adobe, Ellen DeGeneres, Canon, Ford, ToysRUs, and many more. His music has been heard by over 1-billion people and his songs featured in some of the biggest TV shows. Brenden has also worked with top celebrities, including several of the biggest in the industry.

Course Curriculum:

Brenden Bytheway has over 80 videos that cover over 14 total hours of training, which provide you with essential audio tools that would immediately double the value of your production in both videos and music. Some of the notable techniques taught in-depth inside The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio include EQ, compression, reverb, cleaning up scratchy lav audio, cleaning up dirty camera audio and humming or air conditioning noise. The database is always expanding so you get access to new techniques and lessons as soon as they are posted. In addition, Brenden shows that you can achieve the same results in a wide range of audio editing software such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, and even Adobe Premier/FCPX (Final Cut Pro X). See the preview of the course in the short video below.


Teaching Style:

Brenden Bytheway has a wealth of knowledge that he unloads on you. Each lesson is straight to the point, without fluff, so that your time isn’t wasted and you can apply the skills you gain throughout the course right away. His voice is enjoyable to listen to and he sprinkles funny moments throughout the course, captivating your attention so that you stay engaged at all times.


All of The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio videos are shot in full HD and with unsurprisingly pristine audio quality. The voice that comes through the speakers is so smooth it makes me giddy just thinking about it. Perhaps, I will watch the course a second time just to experience the audio all over again.


The course has some of the best member benefits you can imagine such as 60% off Adobe CC, Red Giant, Glidecam,, Soundstripe, Rhino Sliders, Library of Sound Effects, and much more! My favorite is the exclusive online community access you gain of like-minded individuals who are always there to help you succeed with any of your audio needs. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to video. You also get Brenden Bytheway as a mentor. If you e-mail him, he will respond to you!


I would categorize the price as excellent. The knowledge you obtain in The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio is used by many professionals in Hollywood that takes years of research and practice. Your learning curve is cut by a tremendous amount of time taking this course. The bonuses themselves are worth the price of the course alone. In fact, we even included a link for you to save 20% off the course. Combine that with the discounts you receive inside the course, The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio honestly pays for itself! The price is a one time-fee and you receive updated content for life.


I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking into adding production value to their YouTube videos, corporate videos, commercials, interviews, pod casts, short films, creative Instagram stories, travel videos, music, and really anything to do with professional grade audio mixing, mastering, and engineering.

Once you learn the skills taught in The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio, you can leverage them in a wide variety of ways. Although the course is geared towards audio production within filmmaking, I have used the knowledge I gained from The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio to achieve a professional sounding mix on one of my own songs. I can now mix and master my own music and offer these services to others to get paid.

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