We’re in the year 2019 and knowledge is at our fingertips.  Whatever we want to learn, we can with a simple search.  We don’t have to go to these large expensive educational institutions and go deep in debt to gain the skill set we want to achieve.  We can do it for free on YouTube, Harvard courses are free at EdX, or you can go all out and learn from the best instructors in the world faster than ever before with some of the reviews you’ll find on this site.

Now that you understand that knowledge is accessible to everyone no matter what their race, language, the country they live in, religion, or even income level is, let’s get into what you can gain from all of this knowledge.

Knowledge can…

Help you reclaim your time
Help you live the life you want
Help you achieve any goals, no matter how big they are
Help you live a happier more meaningful life
Make the impossible seem possible

I know these are bold statements.  To convey this I want to tell you the story of my life.

Right from kindergarten, I was told that I wasn’t like the other children and they wanted to hold me back.  The problem they thought they saw in me was that when all the kids were told to go out and play I sat there and said I wanted to learn more.   The teachers kept calling me stupid all throughout elementary school and would say that I wasn’t going to amount to anything.

The matters didn’t get much better at home either.  When I was 9 my mother and father decided to have a nasty breakup and my mom began dating our roommate.  He was hard on me and went overboard sometimes, but I look at all of that as a positive these days.

Grade 6 came around and I finally had a teacher who saw hope.  He was only a substitute teacher, but he gave me confidence in my mathematical skills and said that he’s never seen anyone like me.   By grade 11 I achieved one of the highest scores in all of Canada on an advanced math test and by the time I graduated I had received enough scholarships to take me through a couple of years of University.  This was heavily needed because we were never financially well off.  I would pick up bottles and cans to help cover rent for the family from a young age.  But somehow the universe or whatever powers exist tried to pull me away from University.  Shortly before school started my family decided to kick me out of the house and then one month after school started I had my van broken into and books were stolen.  I wasn’t able to afford more books so I decided to drop out of University.

After 2 years of saving, I decided to move to Australia in 2005.  However, I didn’t plan very wisely and being naive in thinking I would land a job ended up pushing me out of Sydney and I began to live in a car.  Thankfully I found a job on a farm and began to appreciate the freedom of living in the car.  Farmers allowed us to park on the farms and camp with all the other pickers for FREE!  I began to learn about different cultures and curiosity about the world started to grow.  I quickly picked up the book that changed my life, Rich Dad Poor Dad.  This is the beginning of my transformation from knowledge.

My New Home in 2005

I got hooked on these books.  Within a couple of months, I had read all of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and my mind was transformed.  I knew that I had to make it into the “B” and “I” quadrant (Cashflow Quadrant). After months of work and saving, I decided to make the move back to Sydney to try out different business ventures and to try a door to door sales job so I could learn the phycology behind sales.  It was excruciatingly painful to be rejected so often, but eventually, I got the hang of it, hit my goal of steady sales and moved on.  During the year in Sydney, I learned how to rebuild car engines from manuals, had a pretty successful eBay career, started to explore internet businesses, and got into subletting 2 rooms in the 3 bedroom place I lived at which gave me rent for free and valuable real estate knowledge.  With 4 months left I realized it was time to save before I got home and began fruit picking, living in the car, and reading once again.  At the same time, the sublet in Sydney was generating residual income.

Within 6 months of getting back home to Canada in 2007, I owned 4 rental units and at the end of the year, I took a trip to Vietnam.  This trip to Vietnam changed my life even more.  I went from wanting to go to the “B” and “I” quadrants for personal gain to wanting to achieve a bigger goal of helping the world.   My goal has been to help 100 million lives since then, but I now realize that that goal is too low, so it is now 1 billion lives.

When I got home it began to get harder to get properties so I invested in Real Estate courses.  They taught me that you don’t need money to get into real estate investing.

By 2010 I had collected 11 rental units and decided to work the last day for someone else 2 months before my 25th birthday.  My only real job experience was being a cook and fruit picker at this time, so I decided to take a complete turn in my life.  I saw the popularity starting to grow with smartphones, so I jumped on YouTube and started to learn how to code.  I was hooked!  I found myself in this trance-like state where 15 hours would go by in no time because I was having such a good time learning.  By the end of the month, I started popping out apps and saw $2.40 in income from the 320 hours I put in.  I thought to myself, “Hell yeah, I’m onto something!”  Within 6 months I was generating $10,000-$15,000/month, had 150 apps on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows, and was flown down to San Francisco by Blackberry to attend the Game Developers conference where people actually knew who I was as soon as I said my companies name.  It was an unreal experience.

In 2015 I met my current girlfriend and my new daughter.  She was only 6 years old at the time and both of them had the kindest hearts I’ve ever met that judged no one.  I began to teach the daughter how to code and in no time she passed my knowledge in the world of coding.  I started to see the impact we have on our children at such a young age.  People may think that their words are lost on children, but they are like sponges and absorb everything.  She’s now 10 years old and is one of the smartest people I have ever known.  She is one of the best video editors with Final Cut that I have met, she has a growing YouTube channel, can code, has a love for all animals, has plans to clean up oil spills, and is wanting to change the world at a global level.

The girlfriend recently got to quit her job at 30 years old thanks to online income and education.  She has a growing thirst for knowledge and has plans to make an impact on millions of lives around the world.  Her life was also no walk in the park, but she has overcome all obstacles.

Throughout all my years the list of knowledge keeps growing, but here are the key things I have learned:

  • Understanding basic math and budgeting so you can succeed financially is one of the most important skills needed.
  • Real Estate Investing and how to buy properties with no money
  • Home Renovations – Most properties were run down so I learned how to do everything.  I could now build a house including the plumbing and electrical with my own hands.
  • Mechanics – Technology keeps changing so it’s getting harder to keep up here, but I could rebuild any pre-2010 vehicle’s engine.
  • App Development – Thanks to free YouTube videos!
  • Website Knowledge – The ability to make a website gives you the ability to own a piece of land online without the big costs of owning physical real estate.  Possibilities are endless.
  • Internet Marketing – Learned through online courses
  • Social Media Marketing – Online courses
  • Filming – Youtube didn’t give me enough skills so I took Parker Walbecks Full-Time Filmmaker course which did wonders.  This is the course I recommend to everyone.  Think about the impact you could make if you had filming skills.
  • Niche blogging
  • Importing from China
  • Selling on Amazon
  • In the process of taking multiple Mindvalley courses.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, check out the Quest All-Access Pass.
  • Political science
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mental Health in All Forms
  • Human Phycology
  • Religions from around the world
  • History
  • Traveled to almost 30 countries and learned about all different cultures.
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Soap Making
  • Selling on Etsy
  • Affiliate Marketing


I hope that I have shown you that our capabilities are limitless when we embrace knowledge.


Find me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/freedomtoseek/ 

On YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/oneadayj



The Power of Knowledge And How to Overcome All Odds
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