“The Science of Well-Being” taught by Professor Laurie Santos overviews what psychological science says about happiness. The purpose of the course is to not only learn what psychological research says about what makes us happy but also to put those strategies into practice. The first part of the course reveals misconceptions we have about happiness and the annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do. The next part of the course focuses on activities that have been proven to increase happiness along with strategies to build better habits. The last part of the course gives learners time, tips, and social support to work on the final assignment which asks learners to apply one wellness activity aka “Rewirement” into their lives for four weeks.

About The Teacher

Laurie Santos is a Professor of Psychology and Head of Silliman Residential College at Yale University. Additionally, she is the director of the Comparative Cognition Laboratory and the Canine Cognition Center at Yale. She received her A.B. in Psychology and Biology from Harvard University in 1997 and her Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard in 2003.

Course Curriculum 

This is a pretty short course, but it’s meant to be taken in small bits over the course of about 10 weeks to give you time to implement different strategies taught.  It covers a wide variety of topics from assessing your strengths and measuring your happiness, to learn what really makes us happy and how to put strategies into practice.


Teaching Style

This course is taught in front of students which I found helpful for a course about emotions.  It’s hard to feel emotions if there is no one there apart from a teacher.  When you can see other students emotions, you feel better about having your own.  Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else…


It’s okay.  It’s a free course put on by an actual university.  There aren’t any fun animations and the video quality isn’t super HD, but it’s not shaky or hard to watch.



There are a lot of great resources provided in this course.  There are different tests to measure your happiness levels or figure out your strengths, there are random questions to ensure you’re paying attention, and there are plenty of reading resources.



This course is FREE.  Can’t go wrong with that price.



Overall I would 100% recommend this course for anyone!  Instagram is one of the best marketing platforms you will find.  This means that you need to grow your following now!

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