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I think I have found the holy grail when it comes to Online Filmmaking courses!  This course called Tomorrows Filmmakers is beyond what I could have imagined.  This is a jam packed course taught by quite a few different instructors.  Your main instructor is Justus McCrainie, but there are others as well.  Acting is taught by Bruce Marchiano, Composing is taught by Benjamin Botkin, Storyboarding is taught by Tad Butler, Color Grading is taught by Barrett Kaufman, Stop Motion is taught by Matthew Bentler, and an Audio course taught by Joseph Santoyo is coming out in 2020!  So as you can see this course has it all and where Justus didn’t quite feel comfortable teaching he got others who are professionals in their own domain to teach you.

A Word Of Caution

This is a rare addition to my normal reviews, but I have to let you know regardless.  Justus does aim this course at Christian Filmmakers, however, I would not consider myself as Christian, but I do love this course and his FILMMAKING teachings.  There were a couple lessons that did hit a nerve for me, but I just skipped that lesson and moved onto the next.  The lessons that are the most useful did not offend me as a “non-Christian” so you don’t miss out on anything big.   If you find religion as a bit time sore spot for you and feel like you might go on the Facebook Group page and get angry then you may want to skip out on this course, but if it doesn’t really matter to you and you can shrug it off then this course is incredible!  If you are Christian then this course is definitely for you.  If you do want to go with a course that has no mention of god then Full Time Filmmaker taught by Parker Walbeck is a good choice, but he does mention his mormon church a few times, which did make me roll my eyes a little.


About The Teacher

Justus McCrainie is an incredible teacher.  Super nice guy and has no sign of arrogance that you may find with other people in the film industry and others who teach online courses on filmmaking.  The Youtube channel for Tomorrows Filmmakers has close to 90,000 subscribers, which is great for only having a handful of videos.  He has done work for the Discover Channel, Honda, travelled overseas for plenty of missionary projects, and so much more.  Check out the course intro here to find out more about him.


The Curriculum

This one is the big selling point for this course.  It covers everything you could imagine when it comes to filmmaking.  The teachers talk about different gear for different budgets, DIY projects to make things cheaper then if you had to buy them (great for anyone on a tight budget), the different positions on a filmset, everything to do with acting, composing, storyboarding, color grading, the business side of things and how to land your first client, writing, theory, audio, lighting, editing in premiere final cut and even after effect, green screens, and even stop motion.  The list is really endless and I could keep going on about what’s in the course.  If you are trying to get into actual filmmaking then this course is for you!


The Price

This is a huge selling point for this course.  For the holiday season Justus is doing an incredible deal for 60% off which brings it down to $295, which is incredible for a course of this quality and with the bonuses that it comes with.  Make sure you jump on this fast because this price is set to increase soon.



These bonuses pay for the course!  You get the student discount with the adobe Suite which will save you close to $400/year!  You also get student discounts with apple which I haven’t seen before.  I wish I found this course before I bought by expensive iMac Pro!  Then there are loads of other discounts, but these were my 2 favourite.  Honestly, if you’re looking to get the adobe suite or an apple computer then it’s a no brainer to go for this course!


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