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If you travel then this course is for you!  Sitting at only $129 this course is a steal to turn your travels into profits!  Travel Video Pro is a Travel Filmmaking course taught by Parker Walbeck.  This is like a miniaturized version of Full-Time Filmmaker and if you don’t have the money for the full course then I suggest Travel Video Pro and Real Estate Video Pro to ensure you can make money on your trips.  This course does not come with the student discount for Adobe and that is a big selling point on getting the full Full-Time Filmmaker course.  The discount does save approximately $300/year, so it does pay off the Full-Time Filmmaker course within 2 years if you use the discount  link here. However, if you already have a student discount for adobe and you travel, this course is for you!  I was able to turn my first trip after this course to Australia into profits with this video.

About The Teacher

Parker Walbeck is someone who can speak from experience.  He has over 700,000 YouTube Subscribers, his courses have 5,000+ students, and his Instagram accounts are on fire.   He has previously worked with Devon Supertramp and some huge brands.

Course Curriculum 

This course does feature everything you need to learn in order to start turning your trips into stunning videos and potentially an income source.  He shares his project files so you can import them and see exactly how he does everything, shows how to land sponsorships, how to shoot (shows his movements, which is something I haven’t seen on YouTube before), how to tell a story, basics to composition, and more.


Teaching Style

Parker is direct and to the point.  He makes sure that every minute is packed full of content.  Check out this real estate video of his to understand his teaching style.



All of the Full-Time Filmmaker videos are shot in full HD and with superb audio quality.   I have yet to come across a course that has quality as exceptional as this.  MasterClass may be the only other course that compares with quality, but they have a Hollywood budget that is hard to compete with.




This course comes with his project file for a trip he took which is a huge bonus, however, there’s an even bigger one that I just noticed!  If you are thinking about getting the Full-Time Filmmaker course, but can’t afford it then this may be the best option for you.  If you purchase Travel Video Pro then you unlock a 50% off coupon for Full-Time Filmmaker.  So this makes it so you spend $129 on Travel Video Pro and then you only pay $399 on Full-Time Filmmaker (Normally $799).  Total Full-Time Filmmaker discount $529!


This is a great deal in my opinion.  You get all the info you need to be able to make money from traveling and you get the option to get the student discount to adobe by purchasing Full-Time Filmmaker with a 50% off discount!



Overall I would 100% recommend this course for anyone who travels or wants to get the full course at a discount.  Again, I turned my first trip into a profit.

Click Here to Get Travel Video Pro


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