We have to face the fact that an hourly wage isn’t going to pay the bills any longer!  This sucks for many people who are stuck in the mindset of the industrial age where job security was a thing and a that a job gives you a livable wage.  That is no longer the case and it may just be the push you need to move with the times over to the information age.

By information age, I definitely don’t mean going to school and getting a degree.  I mean taking online courses on subjects that actually interest you!  In my opinion, wasting 4 years of your life right after high school is the worst thing you can do.  First of all, we don’t know what we want to become at 18!  Our parents may have pushed us to go to school or shamed us for not going to University, but they’re the generation that is having trouble moving with the times and holding us back.

I grew up in a very poor family.  We collected bottles and cans to be able to collect the deposits to pay the bills.  However, I had a brain that worked very well with numbers which led me to many scholarships that paid for my first year of University and could have probably paid for more if I didn’t drop out.  After only 1 month in boring classes, my books got stolen.  I was pretty short on cash and scholarships didn’t help with books so I decided to drop out.  At the time this seemed like hell to me.  I had my entire life planned at 18 years old.  I wanted to go and become a physiotherapist and eventually train the Vancouver Canucks.

I then took the next 1.5  years to save up to go to Australia on a 1-way ticket.   I don’t know if I would recommend a 1-way ticket for most, but I didn’t have the money for the round trip and I was desperate to get out of Canada.  My girlfriend at the time and I thought we could find work, but quickly realized that no one wanted to give a couple of kids a chance, so eventually, we were down to $1200 in our bank account and one $200 credit card.   We then bought a car and decided to go fruit picking while sleeping in our car.   Again, we thought our life couldn’t get worse.  We wanted to break up because of all the stress but realized that financially it made no sense and we would both be screwed.

We made it to our first fruit picking job and never looked back.  It was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to us.  We saved money by sleeping in the car which we eventually upgraded to a 4×4 with an entertainment system!  We took our spare time to read lots of books about investing and getting out of the “Rat Race” as Robert Kiyosaki would say.  If you haven’t read any of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series yet then I highly recommend you pick up Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant.  They’re the perfect books to get you in the proper mindset and it will only be a $50 investment.  Sure beats spending $1000 per class in University.

Our first 8 months were dedicated to saving up to go to Sydney, Australia and make an attempt at business.  During that time I learned everything I could about repairing cars and was eventually able to rebuild engines and flip cars in no time.  We became eBay sellers where we would get used furniture for cheap and sell on eBay and include delivery.   I became a door to door salesman to gain the experience in sales (I sucked and realized I’m not a people person) I started a web hosting company and started my journey to online revenue.  Then there’s the best one… sublets!  I’ll talk about that a little later on.

5 years later in 2010 we owned 8 rental units, I quit my job as a cook (the sole purpose of a job was to get a mortgage), and we were on our way to financial freedom.   I know what you’re thinking, real estate is too expensive to get into now.  Thankfully, we don’t need real estate to carve out a piece of land for ourselves anymore.  We just need a computer and our phones!

Affiliate Marketing

This is a big one so pay attention.  Did you know that you can get paid just for recommending products?  Lots of websites give you the ability to become what’s called an affiliate.  You are practically a salesperson, but without the sleaziness.   The best one, in my opinion, is Amazon Associates because Amazon sells everything, so why not mention products you like?  We’re not forcing anyone to buy anything or trying to nod our head in order to get a potential customer to buy something.  You’ve actually already seen a couple of affiliate links on this page and will see more.  Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant are both links that if you click them and buy I will make a couple of bucks.  Of course, I would never ever recommend a book, product, or course just for affiliate income and neither should you.  Our sole purpose is to try and help out others, not rip them off.

Below is an example of how to get an affiliate link with Amazon Associates.  All you do is log in, search for your favorite products, and copy the short link.  Now it’s time to put that link to use and when someone clicks it and buys it, you will make a little bit of money.

Amazon Associates Shortlink Generator



Niche Websites

Now that you have your affiliate links, it’s time to try and get people to click the links and one of my favorite ways I do it is by niche websites.  Niche websites are usually websites that consist of a bunch of blogs/articles.  This site you’re currently on is a Niche Website.  I let you know which courses I have taken and actually found useful.  I’m also starting to write articles about things I’ve learned from my life of learning.   Another great example of this is one of my new favorite websites which summarizes books.  You can find it here jamesclear.com/book-summaries.  As you’ll see when you scroll down that he summarizes the books and provides a link to be able to purchase the book.  If someone buys the book from the link he’ll make a couple of bucks.  He has also expanded into writing articles, adding a newsletter, and is even an Author!  Make sure you check out the website and take time to explore and see what he’s doing right, it’s quite a masterpiece in my opinion.  A simple and clean website that requires a minimal amount of website development knowledge, produces a few streams of revenue, and at the same time, he’s helping the world by expanding our knowledge!  What are you passionate about?  Do you enjoy filmmaking?  Cooking paleo food?  Traveling to countries while learning about their culture?  Politics?  Renewable energy?  What do you enjoy?  I’d love to hear what you’re coming up with so write a comment below or send me an email!




If you like being in front of the camera or can conquer the fear of being in front of the camera then YouTube may be a good option for you.  You can use affiliate links in your description to let viewers know what equipment you used or products you recommend in the video… more affiliate money!  Plus, you may be able to bring in ad revenue from Google and you may even get approached by businesses to do videos for them.

Don’t have any idea?  Do you buy things?  Why not write reviews?
Do you have skills others want to have?  Teach something!
Do you travel?  Teach us about different countries and stick some vlogs in there!

The list is endless on things you could do YouTube videos for!

Now I haven’t put enough work into YouTube yet, but in 1 month I was able to grow my following to above 1,000 which got me approved to put ads on my videos.  I was also approached by a couple of advertisers who wanted to start paying me to make videos, which worked out for a couple of videos until I got distracted and became MIA.  Since I stopped doing YouTube videos 5 months ago I all of a sudden am making $20/month from ads and about $20/month from affiliate sales.  I know $40/month isn’t much, but every buck counts.

This tiny video that took me a couple of minutes to do where I fix a WordPress issue has led to many opportunities.  So don’t think for a second that you have to come up with something epic.   If you’re interested then I suggest you check out Sean Cannell’s course on ranking higher in YouTube searches.  Or get his and Benji’s book YouTube Secrets.  It’s very important that you take the time to educate yourself or else you’re setting yourself up for failure.



I feel like a bit of an old-timer sometimes and Instagram is one of those sites/apps that makes me feel really old.  I absolutely hate selfies and can’t stand how vane people can be, but Instagram is one of the best places to focus your energy on for increased revenue.  Personally, I use Instagram as a portfolio for photography, but sometimes I get into weird stages where I want to reflect on my past.  You can find me here instagram.com/freedomtoseek

Now lets go over some of the ways Instagram can help you.  You can only insert one link in your description so you can use that space to link to your YouTube video or page or you can use a website like Shorby as a landing page to direct viewers to recommended products, aka affiliate links, your youtube channel, blog, etc.

On top of that, once you start seeing success on Instagram you can start to market for clients for pretty high price tags, just make sure you understand everything about Instagram and know how to grow followers before you pitch it to clients.  You can also do sponsored posts or shoutouts for some income by going to something like Shoutcart .  The course I recommend for Instagram marketing is by Evan Kimbrell.  It’s on Udemy, so make sure you don’t pay more than $20 for it.  If the link is showing as expensive then do a Google search in an incognito window and see if it pops up cheaper.  After you go to the Udemy site you’ll probably start seeing ads on Facebook or Google which will also have discounted prices.



I look at offering services as a way to offset costs I have or gaining skills to get faster at what I’m trying to do.  For example.  You’re going to need a website or multiple websites and that will cost around $10-$20/month.   So originally I had no idea how to make a website, so I made one with WordPress and that was for my Web Development company.  After that, I pitched a promo to a daily deal website where I made websites for a measly $99.  I sold 25 the first time and I knew that I may start off slow now, but by the time I’m done 25 websites I better be a pro!  I also added in that they each had to pay $5/month for hosting.  So let’s sum this up.  I generated $2500 right off the bat with a recurring income of around $125/month once I’m done the sites and on top of all of that I only made 1 website in my life so this was gonna be the best educational experience I could have.

4 years later, I now charge $50/month for anyone who wants to be a customer and I very rarely charge less than $1000/website.  I’m also extremely selective on who I want to work with.  I can also make websites faster than most in under 5 hours.   I might spend 3-5 hours per week on this business and it can generate anywhere between $1000 to $2000/month.  Then when I’m low on money I can send out a few emails and usually make however much I need.



This is something I picked up about a year ago and am blown away by the results!  Being able to create amazing videos gives you the ability to create better YouTube videos, the ability to travel for free, funnel clients to your other services, offer commercials as a service, and the list is really endless.

A pre-warning here.  I tried to learn from YouTube for about 3 months and the videos always came out shaky and were never really a success, but then I invested in Parker Walbecks Full-Time Filmmaker course (see the review here) and was blown away by the difference in my videos.  This one was the first video I did after and it has led to so much work.  The course will save you money because you won’t purchase stupid equipment you don’t need, it will also reduce the cost of having the adobe suite by giving you student prices, and it will also save you time because Parker Walbecks teaching style is incredible.  He’s another person you need to research.  The guys an incredible internet success and one of the best at implementing funnels that I have seen.

How this works is that I didn’t have very much of a portfolio and Vancouver was full of smoke from the forest fires so I decided to book a trip to Australia with the family because I know how amazing the landscape is there.  We then booked a trip to Fraser Island and I thought it would be fun to try and make a commercial for Rainbow Beach 4×4 Hire.  This was without their knowledge and I had no plans on trying to sell anything to them, I just needed to add to the portfolio and thought it could benefit their business.  I then sent them the link when I was done and they loved it.  They have now hired me to work on websites for numerous businesses and they are one of the nicest set of clients I have ever had.  On top of that, this video has led to being able to land real estate clients and even more commercials for businesses.

I don’t do as much filmmaking as I’d like because I’ve been quite busy with other businesses, but I plan on making it a large part of my time.  Eventually, I want to use the skills to showcase volunteer programs around the world.  A big goal of mine is to do volunteer work throughout the world and the next trip planned is to go to Bali to build schools for the less fortunate.  Being able to create amazing videos gives you the ability to make a difference in the world by putting light on things that matter.


Start an Online Course!

No way!  Did you see this one coming?  I guess we’re on Educational Grader where we review online courses!  If you have a skill then why not teach others about it?  We’re in a time where everyone wants more knowledge.  Hell, Elon Musk is talking about hooking our brains up to computers! 

Parker Walbeck makes 7 figures/year from full-time filmmaker alone where he teaches people how to take great travel videos, real estate videos, wedding videos, etc.  It’s not like he’s a 60-year-old teaching his 40 years of experience either.  He’s a young guy who teaches what he knows.   So get out of your mind that you have to be the most experienced person in the world to teach something.  Chances are that you know more about your passion or the education you’ve received then others do.

If you’re interested in creating a course then I suggest you check out Course Creator Pro by Parker Walbeck.  Yes, that’s right, he also teaches a course on how he made the Full-Time Filmmaker course and let me tell you, it’s a damn good one.  Even if you don’t have plans to make a course he teaches the basics of creating videos, facebook advertising, how to funnel traffic, setting up your corporation, making a website, etc.  80% of his material can help your business no matter what your business is.

Once you create a course don’t forget to send us an email and we’ll review it and see if we find it helpful for potential students.



Sell on Amazon

You no longer need a brick and mortar store to sell products!  All you need to do is send the merchandise you want to sell to Amazon and they’ll take care of fulfilling orders…. seems a lot better than hiring people and paying for office space eh!  It doesn’t cost very much and you get discounted shipping rates, so sometimes it actually saves you money to sell on Amazon.

This post is getting pretty long so I’m going to direct you to check out Amazon for more information – https://services.amazon.com/selling/faq.html


Sell on Etsy

Do you have a hobby you think you could make money out of?  Soap Making?  Knitting?  Woodworking? You could try selling it on Amazon if you have large quantities, but if you have a smaller inventory or one-off items you may want to consider selling on Etsy.   It’s easy to make a posting and your putting your product in front of a large audience that it may take forever to achieve on your own.

I’m not much for watching shows, but when I do I pull out the knitting needles and make scarves to sell on Etsy.  During the last Game of Thrones marathon, I made 30 scarves!  It’s only a $0.20 to post, so why not give it a try?



This one’s away from the online realm, but I put it in to show a spot where you can save money or even make money right now by just using your accommodation.   When I was in Australia we mainly made Korean friends on the farms and when we got to Sydney all of our connections were Koreans who lived in houses full of people.  After living in a corner behind a blanket for a week we put together the numbers and realized that the owner who was actually just a renter was profiting almost $5000/month on the one unit without even owning it.

I don’t recommend filling a house up by any means.  I can’t imagine living in a place that has more than a couple per room, most of the time I make it a rule to only have 1 person, but sometimes there’s a couple I find pretty cool.

What we decided to do was rent out a 3 bedroom unit and sublet the 2 rooms we weren’t using.  We were paying $440/week (Australia charges week rates), we decided to take the master bedroom with an ensuite, we rented out the small room for $220/week and the middle room for $260/week.  This means that we got accommodation for free while also making $40/week.  Not bad when all we had to do was find a place that it worked for and furnish it.

Once we got back to Canada we continued to do that and actually found landlords that were okay with us subletting their units.  At one point I had 5 units I was subletting and generating almost $5,000/month off of those alone.  All I had to do was go around to the units once a month and collect rent.


Final Thought

If you’re switching to the world of self-employment then you’re going to have to face the facts that you’re going to work hard for no pay at the beginning.   However, once you’ve put in your time you may generate unlimited wealth by just maintaining the business with limited hours.   My future posts will go more in-depth to these different areas including SEO for your niche blog, how to make a WordPress website, how I travel for free, how a trip around the world generates more wealth than you could imagine, and so much more.

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