I listened to the Business Processes Simplified Podcast for 16 hours straight.  Here’s what I learned

Do you ever get tired of listening to the same podcasts every day?  That’s the feeling that I get, so I decided that I’m going to dedicate the long workdays to binging on one podcast all day long.  After I’m done listening I’ll come back to the educationalgrader.com website and let all of you know my findings!

Welcome to the Business Processes Simplified Podcast.  One of the first things I know I have trouble with is processes.  It’s the very reason why I haven’t made a blog post in over a year.  So I decided to pull out my phone and search for business processes on Overcast (my favorite podcast app) and found the Business Processes Simplified Podcast.

The Business Processes Simplified Podcast is hosted by David Jenyns, an author, business owner, and a process-driven individual!  Originally, I had no idea who David Jenyns was, but am happy I’ve come across this podcast.  He started off his career over 17 years ago with his company Melbourne SEO where he processed everything in a way that he could hire a CEO to take over. David then took systems to the next level as he started SystemHub and Systemology where he teaches and helps everyone use systems to grow their business.

Foreshadow – This podcast was so good that I even bought his book Systemology and can’t wait to start reading that in a couple of weeks, I’ll write a review and notes on that book when I’m done as well.

Podcast style for the Business Processes Simplified Podcast 

David Jenyn is from my favorite country in the world, Australia, so I’ve enjoyed listening to the Aussie accent.  Made me feel like I was back in my backpacker days again!  Episodes are at the perfect length for a workout and run between 20 minutes to 1 hour long.  These episodes are packed full of information, so be prepared to take notes!    Each podcast discusses the processes the guest took to succeed in their business and lives.

Favorite Episodes of the Business Processes Simplified Podcast

One of my favorite episodes of the Business Processes Simplified Podcast was Episode 92: The Power Principles of Time Mastery with Walt Hampton, J.D.  I absolutely love trying to figure out the best way to optimize my time, so had to give it a listen.  Here are the 5 keynotes I took throughout that episode, but I highly suggest listening to it yourself.

  • First 5 hours a day to ourselves and our top priorities.
  • Make a list of top priorities and evaluate if you are spending your time accordingly.  If not, prioritize.
  • Most productive time blocks are 60-90 minutes.
  • Multitasking isn’t real.  Our brain acts as a toggle between the tasks. 
  • Put your mask on first on the plane.  Ie – focus on health, family, and other important things before you focus on others.

Here are some of the other Business Processes Simplified Podcast episodes I enjoyed: